Best Architects in Bangalore? How to Select Best Architects in Bangalore for designing a House


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I want to know how to select the Best Architects in Bangalore for designing my Dream house. I have just purchased a 30×40 Site and what to start my House construction in Bangalore soon, for which I want to understand How Select the best Architects in Bangalore and Tips regarding the same.

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    Hiring Best Architects in Bangalore?

    Architects play a critical role in the design and construction of a house. Finding Architects in Bangalore who understand your needs and design a home that looks the same as your dream house would be a daunting task.

    Also, Architects are the people who can get the Hosue construction job done within the set budget.

    The hiring process of Architects should be precisely executed to get the desired result.

    Before hiring Architects in Bangalore, you should prepare an action plan. Note down What exactly you are trying to achieve in the construction process. Every House construction in Bangalore is different and needs special attention.

    The job of an Architect is to transform your vision into reality. You must take charge of the storytelling. Brief everything to the selected Architects in Bangalore so they can make notes of your vision and use it as the reference point to draft a plan for the building.

    Besides that, you have to also look at the type of Architects you require for various construction works, such as commercial buildings, residential apartments, industrial Architects, Landscape Architects and specialized interior Architects.

    Some Architects in Bangalore would have specialization in particular fields like Residential, Commercial, Interiors, Master planning etc.

    Hiring experts for the job gives you many advantages. Thus, you should have complete clarity on What you need? and What type of work? you want the Architect to manage.

    Hiring procedure of Architects in Bangalore to build your Dream home?

    Before Hiring Architects in Bangalore, you need to plan and prepare the new house, or remodelling existing infrastructure is essential before you get into the actual house construction process.

    An Architect working on your project must understand the objective behind the construction of the house.

    Architects should take your inputs, study the project location, and create a rough plan or concept design for the proposed house construction.

    Budget allocation, the appointment of builders, material requirement, deadlines, and complete strategy of constructing the house is communicated.

    You can always get second thoughts from your loved ones regarding the needs and requirements of your Dream House before Hiring the Architects.

    ASK your friends and family members:

    ASK people? in your network, if they have come across good Architects in Bangalore or some whom they can recommend and can meet. A person who is hiring an Architect first time may not have sufficient knowledge about how the procedure works.

    Taking recommendations will help you to reach the right person for the job.

    It is better to work with Architects in Bangalore who have worked on a project of your relatives or friends.

    You can visit their place and evaluate their work to understand how they have done the job. Also, the inputs from the relative will play a critical role in the selection process.

    Budgeting House Construction cost:

    Reach 2 to 3 Architects and get the estimated house cost of the project. The amount will allow you to decide how much budget you need to set for the overall construction cost of your house.

    Remember that this tentative construction cost that your Architects propose may change during the actual construction due to unforeseen events. So be prepared for the construction cost escalation during house construction.

    Experience Architects in Bangalore will plan everything and complete the House construction work within the proposed budget.

    This estimated construction cost for building your Dream House, which the Architects propose, can be completed within +/- 15% variation, given that you stick to the exact specifications agreed upon earlier.

    However, no house construction process in Bangalore goes according to plan, and there is a possibility of a rise in the construction cost as the development progresses. Thus, hiring a good Architect is vital to save on project costs.

    Research and Discuss:

    Do your research to find the best Architects in Bangalore who can meet your expectations. Meet them and discuss your project. Inspect the work they have done in the past. Also, check for any accreditation to support their work and skill.

    Good Architects should have experience handling different projects, from designing concepts to execution.

    Diverse experience shows that the person has gone through other construction challenges. Recommendation from a top institute or organization will be a positive sign that the Architect is relatively good.

    Hire only licensed Architects:

    Before you begin any conversation with your Architects, ASK for the license. You must hire only licensed Architects in Bangalore for the job. The Architect who doesn’t have a license is considered an inexperienced professional.

    The permit gives the Architect legal rights to practice Architecture professionally.

    A government authority’s license shows that the Architects are credible and provide the service with great integrity.

    There will be rarer chances that the licensed Architect will cheat or get involved in fraudulent activity. If anything goes wrong, the person is liable to repay the loss that occurs to the client.

    Additionally, your Hired Architects should be skilled in handling various residential and commercial projects, giving them an edge over other Architects.

    Follow these instructions while hiring the Best Architects in Bangalore to build your Dream House.

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    My Experience in Hiring Architects in Bangalore:

    When building a house in Bangalore on the plot given by my grandfather, I hired an Architect in Bangalore while searching online. He was a professional, and I got the opportunity to witness his work in the past, so there was no doubt about his ability.

    Instead of choosing reputed Architects in Bangalore, I decided to work with an independent freelance Architect.

    I had a good repo with the Architect, so he guided me in the design process. The one thing that he asked me to do is get some reference photographs that are readily available online.

    The pictures help you to connect with your dreams. Also, the visual representation makes it easy to understand what is there in your mind.

    I shared a few photographs segregated into the different parts: wall design, outdoor design, ceiling, and interior. These photos played a crucial role in finalizing the design of the house.

    Reference elucidates what you need and helps the team working in the background understand your vision for your dream home. I hope my guidance Helped you! On How to choose the Best Architects in Bangalore.


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    Take References before selecting best Architects in Bangalore:

    I would recommend getting the reference from friends and family members before selecting the best Architects in Bangalore. Any good Architect whose work they might have seen in the past will provide an instant solution and Help in hiring the Best Architects.

    Get suggestions from some good Architects who can take up your project by meeting your expectations.

    If you live in another city and want to get the House construction done in Bangalore, the Architect in your region may know some of the good Architects in Bangalore to refer.

    Another way is conducting a meeting with local Architectural firms or independent Architects in Bangalore. A personal meeting will tell you how they operate, their credentials, past work, and physical presence in the city.

    The information you collect from the personal visit will help you decide who is reputed in the business and capable of handling the project you will assign to them.

    Doing your research is recommended as many Architects are available for you to pick from.

    Compared to commercial construction, house construction is an easy task. A reliable Architect will get the job done the way you want. Choosing the best Architects from the list would be challenging for the person who is building his home first time.

    However, if you collect sufficient information and meet the people in the industry, you will find the best Architects in Bangalore who will offer you reliable service.


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    Past works help in Shortlisting the Best Architects in Bangalore:

    I believe the past work tells you everything about the company’s credibility, which helps you hire the best Architects in Bangalore.

    Whenever I want to get some job done by the Architects,

    the first question that I ASK the Architects is to show me the past project they have worked on.

    The project should be credible and connected to legal documents to confirm that the Architect worked on the project. Do not simply rely on the photograph. There are many fraudulent cases where Architects claim others’ work in their name to seize the project from the client.

    If you plan to build a house in Bangalore, ASK the Architects to present the project details with the photograph of their past projects.

    Generally, the client signs the contract with the Architect before beginning the work. Copies of the contract will be available with the Architect. Verify these contract copies before you conclude anything.

    The security of the construction project entirely relies on the hiring of the Architect. If the Architect fails to do his job, the whole project will get into trouble, and you will lose money in the house construction process.

    There is no shortage of reputed Architects in Bangalore city.

    You can meet local Architects and share your details with them. They will develop the best design options that suit your dream project. Hope this small write-up helps you find the best architects in Bangalore for your House construction.

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