Procedure or Process of Building a House in Bangalore / Starting a new House construction? Right from Site purchase – handover


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I wanted to know the entire process or procedure of Building a house in Bangalore/House construction in Bangalore right from Site selection > Finalization > Hiring Architects > Getting house plans > Hiring Building Contractors > Preparing Construction Cost > Getting required Approvals for House construction> Project supervision to Handover?

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    If you are planning to Build a house in Bangalore or Stating a House construction in Bangalore?

    If the answer is YES, You need to understand the below process or procedure of building a house in Bangalore.

    Procedure or Process of Building a House in Bangalore / Starting a new House construction? Right from Site purchase to Completion?

    Building a house is one of the daunting tasks people face in their life. House building is a dream project. You cannot attend this moment casually.

    Your hard-earned money needs to be used adequately and wisely to build the house inch by inch. A small mistake could result in a significant loss to the owner.


    Thus, from Selecting the Building contractors, Architects and Getting the necessary approval of the legal authorities such as BDA, BESCOM, BMRDA, Gram panchayat, BBMP, BWSSB for the House construction in Bangalore.

    Each and every aspect of the building construction should be managed with a thoughtful plan and appropriate action.

    You should adhere to all the legal procedures and documentation before starting the house construction work.

    No one would like to deal with the government authority between the house construction process and cause damage to the entire construction.

    A slight delay in the project could cause the owner a significant loss. The cost of the building would increase, and you will have difficulty arranging additional funds for the construction.

    I have created a Step by Step guide to develop a better understanding of construction projects and avoid mistakes while working on your dream house.

    Let’s see How you can manage your new house construction in Bangalore with a professional approach:

    1) Site Selection and Finalization:


    Accessibility to the property is essential for any house. Building the house in a remote area away from the primary location would not be appropriate.

    Though you might get a peaceful environment in a remote location, it’s discomforting for the family. Travelling back and forth from the city would be tiresome.

    Also, the working people have to travel every day from the remote area to their work, making them forfeit a reasonable amount of time in the travel.

    Thus, people generally consider building homes in the cities where they get the basic facilities such as industries, shopping malls, rail transportation facilities, schools, and hospitals.


    Road facing properties receive good appreciation in the long run. One can keep the roadside property in the primary list when selecting the site for the construction. Roads with easy access to the prime location provide better connectivity to the central areas.

    You might come across sites with East Facing, North Facing, West Facing, South Facing.
    Generally, North and East facing sites are high in demand and might cost 5 to 10% more when compared to other site facings.

    While selecting the roadside properties, it is recommended to have north-facing or east-facing sites. Such properties are slightly expensive compared to the south-facing and west-facing properties.


    Many localities in Bangalore are fully occupied. You will face the challenge of finding properties separated from neighbouring properties. Always look for the properties that are near the main roads. Also, check neighbouring properties.

    You can opt of a Corner site for better ventilation and Natural light.
    However, the cost of a corner plot would be 15 to 20% more expensive when compared to an intermediate site in the same location.

    Nearby properties may block your view and make your home look awful. In such places, ventilation and natural light could not be possible. It would be a setback for you to notice this problem after completing the house construction work.


    Before selecting the plot, inspecting the soil condition would give sufficient information about the future construction need.

    The softer the ground, the deeper the construction has to build to create a solid foundation.

    SAFE BEARING CAPACITY (SBC) for various types of SOIL:

    Type of Soil SBC Value
    Soft, Wet or Muddy Clay 0.5Kg/cm2
    Black cotton soil 1.5Kg/cm2
    Loose Gravel soil 2.5Kg/cm2
    Compacted Clay 4.5Kg/cm2
    Soft rocks 4.5Kg/cm2
    Compacted gravel 4.5Kg/cm2
    Hard rocks
    Coarse Sand 4.4Kg/cm2
    Medium Sand 2.45Kg/cm2
    Fine Sand 4.45Kg/cm2

    In most part of Bangalore , you will come across Red soil, but there are some places where you find loose soil.


    People who believe in Vastu should consider the direction of the home and other essential elements that make your home compatible. Accordingly, find the plot for your dream house.

    Building a House with 100% Vastu is not possible!
    However you can consider implementing Vastu positions for Kitchen, Master bedroom, Main door, Puja room, Water body (Sump tank), Staircase etc.

    As an investor, it’s necessary to take care of your personal choices before selecting a property. In many regions, the Vastu factor could affect the resale value.


    Check every legal procedure, allotment of the plot, government-sanctioned on the construction, policy changes, and taxation for constructing the new house in the region.

    Get the Site documents scrutinized by a Lawyer!
    This way you also be on a safer side ensuring that there are no legal issues on the property.

    Additionally, the transfer formalities of the property should be considered while buying the plot.

    Register the properties through competent lawyers, so there will be no dispute over the allotment of the property. Register sale deed, Encumbrance Certificates, and Khata documents should be adequately checked during the purchase.

    2) Hiring Architects

    Once the property is finalized and all the legal matters are settled, the next step is Hiring an Architect to build a house. Meet various Architectural firms and Architects to list down the available professionals in the region.

    You need to conduct meetings with multiple Architects / Architectural Firms!
    Hire the firm or the Architect that you Think suits your needs and Budget.

    There is no compulsion for hiring only local Architects. You can assign the house construction work to any Architectural firm in India. It would help if you considered that they must have prior experience constructing the house in Bangalore.

    Shortlist the Architects or Architectural firms and conduct meetings with them. Share the information about the plot and your vision for your dream house. Discuss your requirements, needs, any unique arrangement, and future needs and clearly describe each member’s requirement.


    Your family member might have a distinct desire for the interior and facilities in the room.

    Share your requirements with the Hired Architects! So that they can lay down the plan for your dream home.

    The building’s complex structure can develop with modern technology only if you hire good experienced Architects or Architectural firms for your house construction in Bangalore.

    The Architect organizes and plans the House construction process in Bangalore well in advance, ensuring that the house construction work is well planned at all stages of house construction.


    The Architect will secure the planning, draft a clear objective, fix the design errors, sanction the projects according to the legal requirements for the building. Also, he will be the person who coordinates with the various contractors.

    Budget allocation, Project time frames and Schedules can be discussed with the Architect in advance!
    Proper planning and Scheduling will ensure that the project completes well within the specified time frame.

    Architects will research and develop concept house plans that suit your budget. Also, he avoids unexpected events that may increase the construction budget.


    The Architect will cut down unwanted expenses to reduce the construction cost for the house. Budget construction will secure future resale value. Also, you will be able to earn a good return from the rental value.

    Experienced Architects will be familiar with the challenges faced by the homeowners in the long run.

    Before constructing a house in Bangalore, He will consider all the hidden aspects of the house construction, such as building codes and local bylaws given by government bodies such as BBMP, BDA, BMRDA, Gram Panchyat, BESCOM, etc.

    3) House Plans:

    Be transparent when you are discussing the house plans. Your Architect will use the given inputs to design a concept for your dream house. Every piece of information shared with the Architect would help them add the right element to your final design.

    Give clear instructions about your budget, needs and requirements. The budget should be the final cost you will spend on the construction.


    Your Architect is going to transform your ideas into reality. So be clear about What you need in the interior also. Any type of un-clarity or confusion in the concept design of your House would upset you when you see the final design.

    Do your research and list down the house design ideas you like to obtain for your home.

    Actively participate while the design is in process.
    Let your Architect know that you are available to discuss various design concepts. Give your maximum time to him and make them achieve what you desire.


    Planning for the interior allows the building contractor to keep the design consistent on the exterior and interior.

    Planning interior design well in advance avoids construction errors during the house construction process.

    Advanced planning avoids breaking and rebuilding the area inside the house after the construction is complete. Remember that any changes after the house construction would affect your budget and increase the construction cost.

    4) Construction Cost:

    After the house design is finalized, the next step is deciding the approximate house construction cost in Bangalore to build your dream home.

    The current House construction cost in Bangalore varies around Rs 1650 /sq ft for Standard finishes to upwards of Rs 1900 / sq ft for premium finishes.

    The house construction cost includes building materials, worker wages, contractor fees, and other essential pre-construction procedures such as levelling the ground, pest control, etc.

    Consider all of these factors before you start the actual House construction work.

    5) Sanctions and Approvals:

    Before starting the house construction in Bangalore, get the necessary approval or plan sanction in Bangalore from the local authorities like BBMP, BDA, BMRDA, Gram Panchyat etc.

    Prior Plan approval or Plan sanctions avoids any legal actions against your property.

    Every region has different rules for building construction. It would be best to get all the certificates and needed clearance for the building, Like Plan sanction, BESCOM power connection, water connection from BWSSB etc.

    The process of building a house in Bangalore will go smoothly, and the deadline will be achieved as per the plan. The Architect will help you in getting the necessary approval from the authority.

    6) Structural:

    Structure engineers play a critical role in the house construction process. The primary objective of hiring structural engineers is to ensure the foundation is rock solid.

    The House construction should not get affected due to weather or soil conditions.
    According to the design concept, the Structural engineer evaluates the onsite condition.

    The observation begins with the soil condition. Once the vital soil analysis is done, the foundation marking is done to set the plan for the construction. Also, the engineer will support you in the working drawings.

    7) Hiring Building contractors:

    The process of hiring good building contractors in Bangalore is crucial in the entire process of building a house in Bangalore. The entire building construction process depends on the Civil/Building contractors efficiency and experience.

    Choosing the wrong person for the job would result in loss. You need to make sure that the Civil/building contractors chosen for the house construction have a good portfolio of completed projects and share their previous references.

    Pick reliable and well-known building contractors to avoid trouble.

    Your Architect can provide options for notable contraction in their network; however, you should research before finalizing the best building contractor capable of fulfilling the project needs and requirements.

    8) Project Supervision:

    Architects generally supervise the entire house construction project from beginning to completion. However, it’s recommended that you keep an eye on the house construction process in Bangalore.

    The Architect and Structural engineer have to coordinate and visit the site on a regular basis making sure that the project is progressing as per the planned schedule.

    A regular site visit will give you glims of how the construction is proceeding and the current status of the building.

    Your hired Architect should also help you to shortlist the finishing materials used in house construction such as Bathware fittings, Flooring, Cladding, Painting, etc.

    9) Final Bill settlement:

    Finally, the house construction process in Bangalore ends with settling the bills of the building contractors, Architect, Structural engineers, and people connected to the construction process.

    Conduct the final check and fix all the minor construction flaws before releasing the final payment.

    Pay the bills and clear the dues, so there will be no amount left to be paid. Once that is done, get the water, electricity connection, and gardening done to improve the aesthetic.

    You need to make sure that you get a NOC (no objection certificate) stating that all the payments and dues are cleared from the various contractors hired for house construction.

    All of the discussed factors influence the house construction process of the new house building in Bangalore.

    Therefore, you should prioritize the essential things and manage the house construction process professionally to avoid any difficulties during the construction. If you follow the given guidelines carefully, you can complete the building in the set goal.

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