Architects Fees/Charges in Bangalore for a House?Architectural firms/Architects design charges/fees in Bangalore for House design to Consultancy?


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I have just brought a site and looking for some residential Architects in Bangalore who can design my house! What are the Architects charges/fees in Bangalore? How much do Architects in  Bangalore charge for house design? Do Architectural firms/Architects in Bangalore charge per sq ft or on a percentage of the project cost?

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    Generally, Architectural firms or Architects in Bangalore charge around Rs 30 to Rs 140 /sq ft. This variation of charges depends on the experience of the Architects/Architectural firms, Portfolio, Experience of the Architect, Scope of work, etc.

    If you Plan to Hire Architects or an Architectural firm to design your House, you need to keep aside 3 to 7% of the project cost.

    There are many Architectural firms to choose from their charges can be determined by the scope of the design services needed such as Concept design, Technical drawings, Supervision, Coordination, Boq’s etc

    Factors that determine Architects charges/fees in Bangalore (House):

    • Built-up area.
    • The complexity of the project.
    • No of Floors.
    • Simplex or Duplex.
    • Duration of the project.
    • How far the project is located from the Architects office.
    • Architectural site visits are required.
    • Preparation of Bill of Quantities (BOQ’s).
    • Quantity and Quality checking.
    • Payment clearance to contractors.Selection guidance on construction materials.

    What are the charges or fees of Architectural Firms/Architects in Bangalore?

    • 3 to 7% on the project cost.
    • 30 to 140 per sq ft.
    • Lump-sum amount.
    • Pay as per the progress of the work.

    Scope of Architects in Bangalore for Designing a House:

    • Understating project requirements.
    • Concept designing.
    • Interior Designing.
    • Architectural working drawings.
    • Getting approvals from government bodies.
    • Selection and Appointment of various contractors.
    • Site visit during construction.
    • Coordination with Client and other consultants.
    • Guidance in the selection of building materials.
    • Quality and Quantity checks during house construction.
    • Verification and Clearance of Bills to contractors.

    Payment Timeframe of Architects/Architectural firms in Bangalore?

    Stages of Work Percentage of Fees
    Project confirmation 5%
    Concept design 15%
    Design development 20%
    Technical working drawings 20%
    Appointment of contractors 10%
    Project supervision 27%
    Post completion 3%


    Standard Architects fees/Charges for designing a 3BHK Duplex House in Bangalore:

    Scope of Work Architects Fees/Charges in Bangalore
    Floor plans Rs 20,000 to 40,000
    Elevation Design (2D and 3D) Rs 25,000 to 35,000
    Architectural working drawings Rs 80,000 to 1,00,000
    2D Interior Design Rs 30,000 to 45,000
    2D & 3D Interior Design Rs 70,000 to 1,00,000
    Project supervision (Site visits) Rs 50,000 to 80,000
    Bill checking and Clearances to contractors Rs 10,000 to 20,000

    Note: Above details are tentative costs only. Actual cost and payment stages will vary for each.

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    I consulted a few Architects and Architectural firms in Bangalore when building my House.

    Generally, professional Architects charge fees based on the construction work scope, design need, and additional services. Mostly, the cost is calculated based on a per sq feet area.

    However, the design requirement and involvement of the Architect in the entire construction process determine the final price.

    The Architect gets the fees in advance, so you should be prepared for the payment. The payment terms should be mentioned on the legal document that is duly signed and stamped.

    Some Architects in Bangalore may offer you systematic payment terms, but you should inform the cost in advance to avoid dispute after hiring the Architect. Whatever payment terms you both finalize, always put everything in writing.

    So, if you plan to Hire some good residential Architects in Bangalore, be prepared to shell out around 3% to 6% on the project cost.

    Though you might find some Architects or Architectural firms whose charges or fees might be less than 3%, it depends again on the right Architect your Hire who be the perfect guide during the entire house construction process.


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    Professional Architects in Bangalore hike the price in developed areas and charge their clients more than the average cost compared to underdeveloped areas.

    I hired an Architect in the past for one of my house construction. The Architect should charge 7.5% of the project’s cost as per the Council of Architecture.

    However, Architects or Architectural firms charges may vary depending on the size of the property and the type of the project. Additionally, the property’s location also affects the Architects fees in Bangalore.

    In many regions of India, Architects or Architectural firms charge a lump sum amount in advance or pay per square foot rate.

    If you decide to hire a famous Architect for the design work, they might charge more than you may generally pay to the local Architects.

    Some freelance residential Architects work on an hourly basis too. So you have many options available to design your home from the professional.

    It would be best to take the quotation from multiple Architects before you hire one. Generally, you might come across residential Architects in Bangalore who charge Rs 35 per sq ft if they are freelancers and upwards of Rs 120 /sq ft if they are well experienced.

    So, consider both individual freelance Architects and experienced Architectural firms that provide the service to the homeowner.

    Comparing the price with different professionals will give you an estimated cost. You need to ensure that you select the right Architects or Architectural firm that will support you throughout the construction of your home.


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    Choose the Architects who fit your budget and support you during the entire house construction process. Get the Architectural proposal in different phases such as Concept Design, Working Drawings, and Site visits.

    You will easily find affordable Architectural firms / Architects in Bangalore whose charges or fees might vary around 3 to 5% on the proposed construction cost of the house.

    If you are looking for a budget Architect, you can also look around for Freelance Architects who can design your House at half the cost of What experienced Architects charge.

    Hiring freelance Architects in Bangalore, you need to be prepared for the risks because their lack of experience might lead to a Redo of construction works, Incomplete working drawings, Supervision with other contractors, Delay in giving drawings, etc.

    Once you shortlist the Architect to work on your house design, You can negotiate the price according to your budget and offer you a suitable package.

    Architects Standard Design Stages for a House:


    • Design Floor plans.
    • Floor plan changes.
    • Design development.
    • 2D Interior layout.
    • 3D External elevation.


    • Architectural working drawings.
    • Electrical details.
    • Plumbing details.
    • Civil details.


    • Architectural working drawings.
    • Appointment of Contractors.
    • Coordination with Structural consultants.
    • Site visits during house construction.
    • Selection of building materials.
    • Bill checking and clearance.

    House design + Technical Drawings + Site Visit + Coordination with the contractor + Material quantification and overall construction monitoring are some of the stages that Architects follow during house construction.

    Depending on the amount you pay for the service, the Architect will put in his efforts and ensure the work is going as planned.

    The fees for the service may range between 3% to 8% of the total budget of the construction. Few well-experienced and branded Architectural firms / Architects in Bangalore may even charge around 12% for the job.

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