How much does it cost per sq ft to build a house in Bangalore on my own without hiring a Building contractor?


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I plan to Construct/build a house in Bangalore on my Own by hiring Labor contractors. What would be the construction cost in Bangalore if I plan to do it this way, along with the pros and cons. How much do building contractors charge per sq ft for house construction, including materials and all labor?

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    Generally, experienced building contractors in Bangalore charge approximately Rs 1800 per sq ft. This price includes the contractor fees with the material and labor costs.

    If you Hire labor contractors and Build a house on your own by arranging the required labor force and sourcing all materials. Then the construction cost would come to approximately Rs 1550 /sq ft which means you can save around 150 to 200 per sq ft.

    If you are a working professional and can’t give sufficient time for the house construction process, the risks would be higher!
    So, Think twice before you plan to build a house on your own!

    Generally, a Building contractor keeps a 10 to 15 percent profit margin on top of the actual market price. Without a professional building contractor, building a house could go wrong if you don’t have sufficient experience. The workers on the wages would not have much Architecture knowledge.

    The construction workers and laborers will rely upon your instruction. You have to monitor the construction work and lead the workers. If anything goes wrong, you’re solely responsible for the job. Moreover, you have to be present at sight during the construction.

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    Approx cost for building a house in Bangalore would range between Rs. 1650 to Rs 1900 per Sq ft when you do not consider the contractor.

    Usually, building contractors in Bangalore charge Rs 1600 per Sq ft. The final price includes his fees, material cost, and the worker’s wages. Also, the margin is added on the top of the final cost.

    So when you decide to Build a house on your own, you can significantly drop the construction price upto 10% approximately.

    However, you must know the standard practice followed in the house construction process before you decide to start the construction on your own.

    You will lead the work, so you should have the utmost clarity about the entire house construction process. You have to coordinate with the different vendors and workers during the construction.

    So, if you plan to build a house by hiring laborers, you need first to understand the entire process of house construction right Hiring Architects, Labors and the challenges that one might face during construction.


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    Approx cost in comparison, when one decides to build a house on his own, the contractor profits, which are approximately 10 to 15% on the construction cost, are eliminated, bringing down the construction cost from Rs 1800 to Rs 1550 per sq ft.

    Based on my experience of building a house in Bangalore!
    Without prior experience in the house construction process, it will not be easy to handle construction independently by hiring labor contractors.

    You need to Hire multiple Labor contractors as mentioned below:

    – Labor contractor for Civil works.
    – Bar bender for Structural steelworks.
    – Plumber for Plumbing works.
    – Electrician for Electrical works.
    – Fabricator for Fabrication works.
    – Tile fitters for Tiling work.
    – Painters for Painting works.

    Your role is to Search for these contractors either online or by reference and get multiple quotations for the works that need to be carried out. One needs also make sure that there are supportive Architectural working drawings to carry out this work.

    The role of the Architect or Architectural firm plays an important role in such cases, as he will be the guide making sure that your house construction is progressing as per the proposed design.

    You can ASK your Architect to increase the frequency of his site visit to ensure proper coordination between various contractors and work along to complete the project within the specified budget and time frame.

    So Think twice before you decide!

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