Construction cost in Bangalore?


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I want to know the construction cost in Bangalore as I have two plots, 30×40 and 40×60. I want to build a Duplex house and Rental houses on another. So I wanted to know the current construction cost in Bangalore for building a Duplex house and Rental houses. Do let me know the construction cost in Bangalore on an sq ft basis.

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    Current Construction cost in Bangalore:

    The average construction cost in Bangalore changes now and then. Also, various factors determine the price of the construction, including the location, material cost, complexity, experts on board, the experience of the workers, etc.

    Considering the current price trend in Bangalore, the cost ranges from Rs. 1800 /sq ft to Rs. 2200 /sq ft.

    To understand the concept better, we first have to evaluate the various aspects of the construction process in detail.

    Demand for Housing in Bangalore:

    Bangalore is the first choice of a global tech giant. Since Bangalore became an IT hub, revolutionary technology has been at the forefront of the city’s development. Additionally, the social life in the city is consistently evolving and helping people live here to elevate their status in society.

    These factors have allowed people to grow their financial position quickly.

    People who relocate to the fastest-growing cities in India look for better education and employment opportunities.

    They want to construct their dream homes in the town. That’s why you will notice construction in all corners of Bangalore city.

    Cost of Buying a Plot:

    People are willing to spend more money to get the plot in the town. This rising demand has increased the construction cost in Bangalore as well. Foreign investment flowing into the city has also raised the bar of real estate expenditure.

    As a result, limited human resources and high demand for construction material allowed the construction workers to charge a premium price for their services.

    Compare the construction cost in Bangalore to any other developing city in India;

    You will notice a massive difference in the per square feet construction cost.

    In the Year 2022, the real estate sector in Bangalore has seen a stiff rise in property prices. Building 1 BHK or 2 BHK apartments in Bangalore would give an incredible future return. The experts believe the current condition is suitable for the new construction.

    Moreover, the price for construction also fluctuates more often; thus, you can get the construction done within the set budget without compromising on the quality.

    Increasing Construction cost in Bangalore:

    In the beginning, you may like to calculate the current construction cost in Bangalore to build 1 BHK or 2 BHK apartments in Bangalore. Primarily the construction cost is driven by the workers working on your project.

    Setting a budget in advance could help you filter down the construction companies and find the right firm for the house construction that fits your budget.

    A reputed builder would charge a premium price, whereas the builder who just started his career and worked on a few projects may work at an affordable price. A per-day expense of each construction worker adds up and may increase the construction cost significantly.

    Furthermore, residential or home development is in high demand. Therefore, the cost to construct a house on the plot is comparatively high in the city. The current house construction cost in Bangalore per square foot would be approximately Rs 1750 for rental houses and upwards of Rs 2000 / sq ft for Duplex houses.

    Factors that increase Construction cost:

    However, the final House construction cost in Bangalore would vary depending on several factors.

    The construction cost may go beyond the set budget, so you should be prepared to make additional arrangements in case unforeseen events increase the price.

    An independent house is costlier than constructing an apartment, but the return you get from the investment would make it a lucrative decision in the future.

    The cost of constructing a bungalow, raw house, or villa consists of two major factors: the amount you pay to buy the plot and the overall house construction cost in Bangalore.

    So when you calculate the investment amount, you should add both expenses together to get the actual expenditure incurred to construct the house.

    Besides that, the future value of the house mainly depends on the location.

    The plots such as 20×30 30×40 40×60 50×80 are the standard site dimensions seen in Bangalore; the cost of owning a property would also increase and can give you appreciated returns within a few years. In contrast, the place on the city’s outskirts would take time to generate a positive return.

    Also, the property cost in the outskirts would be considerably less. When you buy the property and decide to build your dream home, you should check all of these angles to ensure you are investing in the right property.

    As per some estimations, the construction cost in the city’s central area has reached Rs. 2500 to Rs. 3500 per square foot. Rising demand is the culprit of the increased construction cost in Bangalore.

    Assessing tentative construction cost:

    The estimated construction cost in Bangalore could give you sufficient time for decision-making while constructing the house. You could reduce the cost of the construction materials by getting them from a cheaper source.

    Also, the rough estimation will tell you where to cut down the cost.

    Hiring experienced Architects would help you accurately assess the construction cost for Building your Dream house.

    The House construction process in Bangalore requires budgeting various materials, including iron bars, wood, sand, cement, labour, taxes, etc. The price of these raw materials is market driven. When the demand is high, the cost rises and vice versa.

    Architects role in Construction cost:

    Experienced Architects in Bangalore will consider various factors such as the design of the house, Approvals required, Bill of Quantities (Boqs), construction materials needed for construction, interior design, workers’ paycheck, and legal procedures that could burn your cash quickly if you are not prepared.

    Architects will divide the house construction in Bangalore into multiple segments. The material requirement would be calculated based on the number of structures required.

    Once all the details are mentioned in the paper, you will know how to deal with each element individually and work on the cost reduction process. Also, consider the construction time frame because the delayed project would increase the construction cost.

    The payment to various contractors may increase during the course of house construction, which may affect the budget.

    For example, the bottom layer, the foundation of the building, would require more cement and essential raw materials. As you elevate the floors, lesser construction material is needed. Furthermore, the interior can be done according to the design.

    If you use top-quality material for the construction, the cost may increase.

    For rough estimation, the high-quality House construction cost in Bangalore would range between Rs. 2000 to 4000 per sq ft. With this price, add 20% additional costs to compensate for unforeseen events.

    Understand the Construction cost in Bangalore with the examples:

    The cost will be less if you choose medium-quality construction material. This medium type construction cost in Bangalore would be approximately Rs 1700 to 1900 per sq ft. In this case, constructing a 2000 sq ft house will cost you Rs.39 Lakhs.

    On top of that, the 20% additional budget should be kept aside if miscellaneous expenses are incurred during the construction. After combining all the expenses, the total construction cost would be approximately Rs. 48 Lakhs after combining all the expenses.

    Estimating the construction cost in Bangalore is vital to avoid last minute cash crunch.

    Also, a professional assessment from experienced Architects will help create a safety net around you. Mostly, the Architects will get the project done within the set budget.

    Few instances where the Architects cannot control external matters may increase the House construction cost.

    Impact of Construction Materials on Construction Cost:

    Construction materials are grouped together when calculating the approximate building construction cost in Bangalore for the proposed project. However, in reality, each material is purchased separately.

    So the date of purchase decides the cost of the construction materials. During the shortage of materials, the price may go up.

    Here is the list of the construction materials used in the House construction process in Bangalore.The price of these Building materials may change any day and could affect the construction cost.

    So you make a list of these essential items before you decide to use them and find the supplier who will offer you these materials at an affordable price.

    • Bricks / Blocks.
    • River Sand / M Sand.
    • Electrical fittings.
    • Cement.
    • Wood/Timber.
    • Steel.
    • Tiles.
    • Cladding Materials.
    • Bath ware fittings.
    • Sanitary Ware.
    • Paint.

    Remember that the cost of hiring the construction worker, fees of the Architects, and Building contractors charges are not added.


    Cost of construction in Bangalore relative to the external expense such as rising fuel prices, labour scarcity, and materials imported and exported in the country, such as steel and cement.

    As the crude oil price in the international market rises, the cost of construction will go up in the future.

    The average cost of the building may experience a sudden rise at any time; thus, the Architect always adds the 25% additional cost as a margin of error to meet the project budget.

    The transportation cost of the material is primarily affected, especially when buying materials from other states. All of these elements will increase the construction cost in Bangalore.

    Therefore, if you are considering constructing your dream home in Bangalore, you should consider all the aspects precisely.

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    Current Construction cost in Bangalore for building a House:

    Overall construction cost in Bangalore varies at Rs 1850 / sq ft for Rental houses and upwards of Rs 2000 per sq ft for duplex houses. This construction cost could shoot up high if you are unaware of the current trend. In some regions of Bangalore, construction costs are higher because of the increasing demand.

    Besides the construction cost, it would be best if you were prepared with an additional 20% other than the proposed budget.

    Thus, the plot will cost more than the average property price.You should be ready to pay extra to obtain the plot and build your dream house.

    Building a 1500 sq ft residential house would cost approximately Rs. 35 lakhs to 45 lakhs. This rough estimation is based on the current trend in the popular area of Bangalore cities.


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    Architects can Help in reducing the Construction cost:

    There are two options to build the house. Either you choose to go with a professional Architects to work on your entire project, or you can hire a local Building contractor to build the house.

    The Architect proposed construction cost in Bangalore for your project should include Architects fees, Building Materials, Labour, Plumbing, Electrical etc

    If you decide to work directly with the Building contractor, you have to work on the design of the house because the builder working on your project would lack the proficiency to create an attractive design.

    Building contractors will only support you in construction and getting material for the job.

    On the other hand, professional Architects work with the client from the beginning and stay with the entire process until the house is fully developed and the final touch to the home is applied.

    Therefore, it is up to you How you would like to manage the construction? The cost would depend on what path you choose to construct your house.


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    Construction cost in Bangalore starts from Rs 1850 to Rs 2500 / sq ft:

    A general rule of thumb is to reduce complexity in the construction. Complex structures need precision work which ordinary workers cannot do. You have to get experts who are skilled in managing house construction.

    Work with the readily available material and choose the design that any builder can build without needing expert support.

    It may increase the cost of construction in Bangalore and affect your budget. Building a 30X40 (G+1 G+2 G+3 G+4 Floors) house on the plot will cost you around Rs 40 to Rs 90 lacs+. The 30×40 plot would have approx 1200 sq ft land area covered.

    As of 2022, the current construction cost in Bangalore varies from Rs 1800/sft for Rental construction and Rs 2100/sft for Duplex construction.

    You can take the help of the local government bodies to verify the construction place and get the legal documents before starting the house construction. Approval from the regional offers would avoid any restrictions from the local offers during the construction.

    The plot buyer must pay the registration charges and stamp duties while buying the land. The cost of construction is affected by various factors. Thus you should consult the experts while building the house.


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    The construction cost in Bangalore varies depending on the region’s location and demand. The estimated construction cost in Bangalore could range between Rs 1750 / sq ft to Rs 2500 sq ft.

    Note that the cost of land is not included in the price. Also, pay attention to the registration charges, approval from the local bodies such as BDA BBMP, tax, Borewell, Deposits to BESCOM BWSSB, and changing material costs.

    These factors will increase the house construction cost by an additional 20%.


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    Average Construction cost in Bangalore for building a House:

    The average cost of construction in Bangalore for building a house ranges from Rs 1850 per square foot to Rs. 2200 per square feet. It is an estimated price. It can vary depending on the location, labour fees, and material cost.

    The more customization you add to the house design, the more labour and material cost you have to pay which will lead to increase in construction cost.

    Besides that, you also have to consider the built up area, house design, and finishing you are willing to get. Also, some construction requires specialized equipment for cutting and final touchup.

    Therefore, per-day renting charges for the additional construction equipment’s would get added on top of the construction cost.

    Premium finishing would require specialized workers. Construction workers are categorized under their experience and the type of work they can deliver.

    When you hire an Architect to construct your house, He will choose the right experts depending on the planned budget proposed for your House construction in Bangalore.

    The specialized team is hired for the job if you Ask the Architect for premium quality output. The fees of these experts will be much higher than the local construction workers.

    Budgeting House construction cost in Bangalore well in advance:

    If you are planning of starting your House construction in Bangalore for the very first time It’s advisable to calculate or budget the construction cost in Bangalore well in advance with the help of your Architect who has been hired for your project.

    Planning professionally with the help of professionals will help you reduce the construction cost along with proper arrangement.

    One can cut down the fees of some of the professionals who will work and get the replacement at a cheaper rate.

    While building a house, consider all the aspects right from concept Design to project handover and all other related works of getting house construction in Bangalore.

    Construction material cost and the professionals’ consulting fees are the primary factors affecting the overall construction cost in Bangalore.

    Smart people think beyond traditional practice and get construction materials from dealers who offer them better discounts.

    With smart choices, you can build your Dream house in Bangalore on an affordable budget. Also, you can save a good amount by choosing the right professionals for your House construction.

    Architects, Building contractors, and other professional experts working on the project would charge hefty fees.

    Choose professionals who are experienced and can be Hired at affordable market rates this can help reducing the overall construction cost for building your Dream house in Bangalore.

    Money saved through House construction can help get premium construction materials for interior decoration, paint jobs, and electrical devices.

    Take a second opinion from the local experts and see their view on your House designs. People already involved in construction would help you find the right people for the job.


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    Major factors that affect House construction cost in Bangalore:

    Two major factors affecting the construction cost in Bangalore are construction materials and the skilled laborers working on the project.

    Selection of the right Building / Construction materials within your planned budget is another element that may impact your budget. Still, it can be managed by sourcing the material from a reputed dealer at a discounted price.

    One should ensure the right building materials are shortlisted before starting the house construction. Any deviations here will affect the construction cost.

    If you own a plot and decide to start house construction in Bangalore, the estimated cost for the construction would be between Rs 1900 to Rs 2500 / sq ft. However, remember that many other factors could affect the pricing.

    Experts you Hire for the job, such as Building Contractors, Architects, and Skilled Construction workers, would also decide the cost of construction in Bangalore.

    Professionals with more experience in House construction would charge a premium price.

    Selecting the right Architects for House construction:

    Alternatively, you can let your Architect decide who can do your House construction within your planned budget, including the selection and various contractors and professionals required for building your Dream house.

    So it will be convenient for you to deal with one person without getting involved in the selection process.

    An Architect is a professional who can guide you through the entire House construction process and ensure the construction is completed within the set time and budget.

    House construction in Bangalore is a challenging task one needs to gothrough right from Site selection > Hiring professionals > Project handover with proper planning and work schedule.

    You have to get permission from the local authority before starting house construction. The land cost should be added to the final budget when calculating the overall budget for building your Dream house, including the possible project Construction cost in Bangalore.

    Moreover, the owner must also pay legal taxes and charges during the land buying process. All of these factors will increase the house construction cost.

    Building a house in the cities is comparatively higher because the construction worker charges premium fees.

    Whereas the land on the outskirt of the city would be cheaper to build because the labor cost will be cheap, and the material will be available at an affordable price.

    Land cost in the low-demand areas stays lower, so you can quickly build the house and construct your dream home without any barriers.

    Therefore, it’s difficult to accurately presume the house construction cost in Bangalore. However, you can set the budget based on the current market price and add 20% additional funding to avoid a last-minute cash crunch.


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    Increasing Construction cost in Bangalore:

    Bangalore city has become the Silicon Valley of India. Large IT companies all over the globe are establishing their presence in Bangalore city.

    Over the years, rising demand for housing has increased the real estate price. Also, people are reaching Bangalore for career opportunities.

    This has also contributed to raising the rent price in the city due to the increase in land cost.

    Real estate price is directly related to demand and supply. For example, Bangalore city is experiencing a high demand after the pandemic.

    People are moving to Bangalore for career opportunities. As a result, the plot price in the town is getting higher, directly affecting the construction cost.

    As we talk about the real estate price, the construction workers are also aware of the current demands; thus, in the high-demand area, the construction workers are charging hefty fees.

    Hiring Building contractors to construct a house in the center of Bangalore city is higher than construction on the outskirt. So people are paying the premium price. As a result, the construction workers are also leveraging the benefits of the high demand in the city.

    Cost of Building a House in Bangalore?

    The House construction cost in Bangalore for building 3 BHK houses consisting of G+1 Floor duplex houses in the area of 30×40 site will range between Rs 45 lacs to Rs 65 lacs.

    We are talking about the standard house construction where you source the standard construction/building materials from the local dealers at this price.

    However, if one plans to furnish their house with premium construction materials for tiles for flooring, Bath fittings, Wood and Interior decorative elements, the price of house construction may go up significantly.

    The current construction cost varies from Rs 1750 per sq ft for Rental house construction and upwards of Rs 2000 per sq ft for building a Duplex house in Bangalore.

    Additionally, the comfort you get to enjoy in Bangalore is impressive. The pleasant climate, cultural diversity, uplifting social life, and many opportunities for career seekers attract people to Bangalore city.

    It will be challenging to get the plot in Bangalore city today. If you are still willing to buy a property in the prime areas of Bangalore, you will have to pay a premium for plot purchase which might me upwards of Rs 10,000 per sq ft.

    Current House construction cost in Bangalore:

    The current house construction cost in Bangalore varies between Rs 1800 to 2600 / sq ft. Rising demand is the culprit of the increased construction price.

    There is constant fluctuation in construction materials or building materials such as Cement, Steel, Aggregates, and other raw materials required for construction.

    Shortage of skilled Labor has also affected the construction cost as labor costs play a significant role in house construction.

    Therefore one needs to make sure they hire an experienced, skilled labor force while building a house who can execute the construction work following the guidance of professionals.

    Hiring experienced Architects in Bangalore who will take care of the entire house construction process is always advisable. Set the budget and let the Architect know your requirements.

    Professional Architects know how to manage price fluctuation and get the job done. He will suggest you better alternatives to construct the house on a fixed budget without compromising on the quality.


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    Reduction in House Construction costs on the City outskirts:

    House Construction in Bangalore on the outskirts may cost less by Rs 100 to 200 per sq ft. The primary element for reducing the construction cost on the outskirts is the surplus availability of labours and Building materials.

    The construction cost in Bangalore on the outskirts will be generally lesser by Rs 100 to 200 per sq ft.

    However, the price is never fixed; it changes depending on the rising demand.

    People are purchasing the plot in this City’s outskirts due to the affordability of properties. Still, connectivity and development are a concern to the day, and the construction developments in the area are comparatively slower.

    Mostly, remote regions or City outskirts are underdeveloped and take time to be fully developed.

    Most of the time, the Architect working on the House construction will charge based on the complexity and type of the building. But you move close to the City, and the plot prices suddenly rise.

    Commercial Building construction cost:

    Also, the House construction cost, material charges, and even the fees of the professional working on the Construction would go up. Commercial building construction, including offices, IT parks, and hotels, would cost around Rs 2200 per sq ft to Rs 3000 sq ft.

    The Commercial building construction cost in Bangalore will cost Rs 2200 to Rs 3000 / sq ft and is higher when compared to residential.

    Residential house construction is mainly in a fixed pattern or design. Thus, the House construction process in Bangalore is well defined.

    Moreover, construction workers working on the residential house development are well trained, so they do not have to be prepared. But this is not the case with office construction.

    The corporate commercial building construction is custom-made, right from Design to Execution. Every company designs a corporate house depending on their requirement. The future upgrade took care of in the modern construction process. So it adds more complexity.

    Sometimes the construction workers who work on commercial constructions need specialized training before they enter the working environment.

    The construction company takes care of the training and ensures each worker performs their task as defined. All these additional processes get counted into the fees the construction company would charge the client.

    Therefore, it impacts the per square feet construction cost of the building.

    Furthermore, the cost considered per sq ft construction area is calculated based on the specification of the building, design, location, and demand in the area.

    A large construction is mainly priced based on the future price of the building because the structure will last for 2 to 3 years. Thus, the Architects has to ensure they are not making a loss when the price of the material fluctuates.

    Role of Architects and Building contractors during Construction:

    The construction company or Building contractors should be aware of future trends and prepare for unforeseen events.

    For any unforeseen uncertainty, the Architects or Building contractors charge more than the market price for Constructing or Designing a commercial building.

    Constructing time of a residential house in Bangalore should be finished within six months to 1 year for a home of less than G+2 Floors, so the Building contractors and Architects should coordinate and get the House Construction done within the budget, even if the price volatility affects the Construction cost.

    The short-term change would not affect the entire Construction cost. That’s why you may easily find an Architect or Building contractor who will work within your budget.

    In some cases, when the construction industry is down, or no more construction is happening in the City due to recession-like conditions, you may get professionals to work on your Project at a lower price.

    If construction materials prices shoot up, wait for the demand to decrease and leverage the benefit.

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