30×40 Construction Cost in Bangalore for G/G+1/G+2/G+3/G+4 Floors 30×40 house Construction cost in Bangalore?


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I own a 1200 sq ft / 30×40 Site and planning to build a house with a  limited budget, I want to know the 30×40 Construction cost in Bangalore for building a G/G+1/+G+2/G+3/G+4 Floors? What is the minimum 30×40 house construction cost in Bangalore for building G+1 G+2 G+3 G+4 Floors? and the time duration to build? also let me know What is the FAR for 30×40 Site? How many floors can I build on a 30×40 Site?

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    30×40 Hosue construction cost in Bangalore?

    The 30×40 house construction cost in Bangalore varies from Rs 1750 / sq ft to Rs 2000 per sq ft these construction rates vary depending on the price of the materials and finishing specifications.

    The construction cost for building a Ground floor on a 30×40 site in Bangalore may range between 15 to 20 Lakhs for a built-up area of around 400 to 700 sq ft.

    I have not considered the custom design; however, If you add special requirements for the interior, such as tiles and imported materials to enhance the aesthetic of the building, the cost may go up.

    If you are a budget concern, go with an affordable service provider example. For example, professional Architects and building contractors will charge a high price for their service, which gets added to the final cost.

    Additionally, the people working on your project will have their fees.

    Also, the construction material cost plays a vital role in the costing, so ensure that you use the standard materials. Remove any customization that increases the construction cost.


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    30×40 Construction cost in Bangalore?

    As per the current market price, the 30×40 construction cost in Bangalore is approximately Rs 2200 per sq ft on average, which is approximately Rs 16 to 21 Lakhs for a 500 sq ft house with remaining for parking.

    30×40 Ground Floor  Construction cost
    400 sq ft Built up area Rs 16 Lakhs
    600 sq ft Built up area Rs 22 Lakhs

    You will get a standard structure with standard materials used in finishes such as Flooring, Cladding, Bathware, etc.

    Note: The  30×40 construction cost of building a house on just the Ground would be much higher when compared to a G+1 Structure.

    The overall construction will be of good quality if you spend around Rs 2500 /sq ft.

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    If you are willing to give a luxurious appearance to your house, you may have to increase your budget to get the desired outcome. The plot size is not big enough to spend more money on a luxury.

    The bedrooms and living space will be sufficient to make a comfortable living. Thus, it would help to stick to the standard construction with basic amenities. Use maximum space to create the living area.

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    I would recommend building a G+1 or G+2 building on your 30×40 site as this will help you utilize maximum space. Building only the ground floor would be costly, as informed earlier.

    The living area on the ground floor will be limited as you need to leave sufficient space to take care of the parking requirements.

    Also, there will not be much space for gathering. The bedrooms and kitchen will occupy most space making the home look small.

    The Foundation of the building itself costs too much cost. Therefore, it is wise to leverage the available space optimum. The construction cost is Rs.1900 to Rs 2300 / sq ft in Bangalore.

    Current 30×40 Construction cost in Bangalore?

    So the overall 30×40 house construction cost in Bangalore for the ground floor may come close to Rs 19 to 23 lakh . Expensive materials and tiles would further increase the construction cost.

    So if you are a budget concern, talk to the Architect and building contractor to manage the construction within the given budget.

    What additional costs do you need to be prepared for building a house on 30×40 site?

    • Architects fees.
    • Borewell.
    • Plan sanction from BBMP or other authorities.
    • Power connection from BESCOM.
    • Road cutting.
    • Solar water heaters.
    • Deposits to government bodies.

    The current 30×40 house construction cost in Bangalore varies from Rs 1850 per sq ft for rental concept and upwards of Rs 2000 per sq ft for duplex.


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    You can get your house construction on a 30×40 Ground floor with a good interior within a budget of Rs 20 to 26 lakhs.

    If you hire a good Architect, they will charge around Rs 40,000 to 80,000 for designing your house.

    He will make sure that the over-construction quality and outlook will be great, and you will be able to enjoy your family time in the beautiful house. Currently, the 30×40 construction cost in Bangalore varies from Rs 2100 to Rs 2500 per sq ft.

    Note: Make sure that your Architect gives the entire house plans for all the floors, including the upper floors.

    The major construction cost goes to the construction/building materials used for the house. So be wise about What you select for your finishing materials used, which will have a major impact on construction cost.

    If you build a standard house without much customization, the house can be built at less cost.

    The Architect generally tries to meet the individual’s expectations, requiring more precision and design iteration. The overall material cost gets added on top of the 30×40 construction cost.

    If you build the standard rooms with white paint on the wall, the price will stay in your range. On the other hand, if you plan to do some enhancements to the wall like Cladding, Wallpaper, Texture paint, etc., this will surely increase the budget.

    In the end, it is your choice how you would like to manage your construction. To save cost, you can take charge of the building construction. As it is ground floor construction, you do not need much knowledge.

    Once the design is ready, you can hire local construction workers and build your house yourself. The experience construction worker could be able to achieve the best result. Using this method, you can save time and money.


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    Current 30×40 Construction cost in Bangalore

    As per the current trend, the 30×40 House construction cost in Bangalore will depend on various factors listed below.

    The current construction cost as of 2022 varies from Rs 1800 per sq ft for rental Construction and Rs 2000 / sq ft for Duplex house construction on 30×40.

    First, understand those aspects, and then it will be easy for you to calculate the estimated price:

    • Cost of the building material you choose for the Construction. If you decide to get particular kinds of material for specific design needs, then the cost of the material will go up. However, standard materials are produced in large quantities and available at a lower price.
    • Skill construction labour will cost more than the worker who is not trained. The decision maker should take the call at the construction site because the construction quality depends on the workers working on the Project.
    • A duplex house or Individual residential House will decide the budget. Duplex construction will require more material and extended construction time. So the price will go up if you build the duplex instead of a simple individual resident.
    • Fees of the Architects, contractors, and civil engineers participating in the Construction. Experience of these professionals and credibility account for the fees they charge. If you prefer to hire a reputed expert, they will charge a hefty price to work on your Project.

    If you are building your dream House on a 30×40 Site, make sure you plan your budget well, including Site purchase and Construction.

    The scenario of 30×40 House construction cost in Bangalore:

    • 30×40 Ground Floor: Rs 19 Lakhs.
    • 30×40 G+1 Floor: Rs 42 Lakhs.
    • 30×40 G+2 Floors: Rs 58 Lakhs.
    • 30×40 G+3 Floors: Rs 78 Lakhs.
    • 30×40 G+4 Floors: Rs 1cr.

    If you prefer having a lavish House that fulfils your premium needs, then be prepared to spend additional Rs 600 to 800 per sq ft on top of Standard 1200 sq ft / 30×40 House construction in Bangalore.

    When you combine all of these factors, you will get the actual cost of constructing the House in Bangalore.

    Note: The above-proposed construction cost is based on a tentative assumption of standard House construction on a 30×40 Site in Bangalore. The actual construction cost will vary as per the requirements and materials used.

    At the current market price, constructing a 30×40 area would start from Rs. 39 lakhs and go up to Rs. 1 crore+ for creating a duplex house.

    In addition, the Interior of the building and amenities will consume more budget, which you can keep aside an additional budget of Rs 20 to 40 lakhs.

    Thus, you should be aware of these factors. I have seen many buildings in Bangalore built under Rs. 50 lakhs. The price is justified per the standard Construction and elevation for the duplex house.

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